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Find and fix problems before launch

Avoid poor reviews by fixing problems before players see them

Reduce iteration and speed up development

Get to the best solution faster, and shorten your development time

Attract and keep players

Creating a great experience will keep players interested, create a buzz and make marketing easy

Playtesting makes your game better

Top game development teams know that regular playtesting is the difference between a successful launch, and being forgotten at the bottom of the Steam charts.


Running regular UX and usability playtests throughout development makes great games players love.


You don’t need a full-time user research team, or lots of money, to build quality games. Save time and money by running usability playtests throughout development so that you can fix problems quickly and cheaply! 

We are the playtest experts

Getting feedback from friends and family, or your community is great but to hear the real story requires unbiased professional playtests.


Our team are recognised games user research experts, who have moderated thousands of hours of playtests, uncovered hundreds of usability issues, and created UX playtest reports for top-selling games.


Combining academic expertise in psychology and UX with real-world game development experience, they can quickly anticipate issues which will cause players to become confused or stuck. We’re unbiased and will help you find the real issues with your game – when you still have time to fix them!


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“When Wish Studios created the PlayLink concept for PlayStation, we developed a new gameplay paradigm in which casual players would use mobile phone apps as controllers for console games. Such a radical shift, aimed at a non-technical audience, naturally required in-depth playtesting to ensure we got it right. Steve’s test team provided the answer, delivering well-structured, informative, actionable feedback for our development team to work with.”
Caspar Field
CEO - Wish Studios
"It was really helpful. The report presented the information in a very comprehensive manner, with enough screenshots and descriptions to clearly understand where the issues are and what they are about. It's a nice fairly detailed report that accounts for lots of things that might be overlooked."
Adrien Coach
Cat Floor Studio
"I have found Playtesting to become a vital tool in making good development decisions at different times in the project from concept to finishing. It is an additional data point that helps prove out and support ideas and assumptions we have created. It gives me additional information and insight I didn't have before which is useful both for internal and external discussions around the game.

I worked with Steve on a title where we had many thorny issues that only playtesting could aid us to make headway on. He has a real clarity of understanding of how to translate your questions and needs into practical unbiased tests and programs to get the understanding you seek."
Brynley Gibson
Senior Producer

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